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Congratulations on taking a huge step towards better hearing health by visiting our website!

If you’ve reached this website, then either you or a loved one are likely suffering from some form of hearing loss. By seeking help, you’ve made a great decision and we hope that through this website, we can encourage you to have your hearing evaluated by one of our friendly personable team.

But before we explain how you can book your hearing evaluation, allow us to introduce ourselves.

We’reSelective Hearing and we’re leading hearing care providers that focus on delivering outstanding hearing care to the local residents of Acadiana.

Whereas most audiologists focus on hearing aids and technology – our focus is on hearing care. We work with you, your unique circumstances and budget to deliver leading care and find the best hearing aids for you.

Your next step is to pay our friendly team a visit to have your hearing evaluated – whereas most people bury their head in the sand when it comes to their hearing loss, the fact that you’ve visited this website proves that you’re looking for the right care, and that’s where we can help.

Why Selective Hearing?

Why Choose Us as Your Hearing Care Partner?

Hearing Testing

You’ll be tested for a complete range of hearing, balance, and tinnitus in a pain-free, simple, and quick manner by our highly trained audiologists.


Our team are among some of the leading and most experienced hearing specialists in Acadiana, ensuring your hearing care is in the best hands possible.

Delighted Patients

With hundreds of delighted patients, you can be rest assured knowing that you’re going to be one of many elated patients that are happy to have a leading hearing care partner.

Leading Technology

We partner with all the leading hearing aid manufacturers, ensuring that we can find the right style of hearing aids for your unique circumstances, lifestyle and budget.


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Latest News

Patient Resources, Industry Developements and The Latest Technology

Why You Should Never Leave Hearing Loss Untreated

If you have the niggling feeling that your hearing isn’t what it used to be, get to an Audiologist, quick-sharp. Why? Because letting your hearing problem slowly get worse can cause countless other health, relationship and cognitive problems. Age-related hearing loss...

Gift Ideas For The Hard Of Hearing

At Selective Hearing, the way that you experience life with hearing difficulties is important to us. We want you to have a positive time adapting to any needs you might have. For the festive season, we know that there are particular challenges that you might face. We...

What to expect when booking your first hearing evaluation

Are you still working up the courage to book your first hearing evaluation? It’s a big step, facing the reality that you may have hearing loss and getting an official diagnosis. But it’s a step in the right direction, a step towards better hearing health. That’s why...

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Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our patients have to say

“We went to Selective Hearing when Malyn was only two years old. Selective Hearing was able to not only test his hearing, but also fit him with a hearing device that was suitable for a toddler.” Thomas & Krystal Engel, son Malyn has been a hearing device user since 2010.

“[Selective Hearing] changed my life. I was becoming more and more reclusive because I could not understand what others were saying. After Dr. Erica Ray prescribed a hearing device, I can perform my job and interact with family and friends. I’m able to live again.” Paul Landry, hearing device user since 2005

“I can hear again. If you’ve been to places before that can’t help you, Selective Hearing can. Plus, I like the way that I’m treated there.” John Dugas, hearing device user since 2006

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