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Selective Hearing provides top-of-the-line customer service and care to ensure that you’re hearing is exactly where it should be. We offer clinical audiological services, as well as hearing aid sales and services.

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My Association with Selective Hearing goes back many years. I am now on my fourth set of hearing aids.

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Doctor Guiding a Patient
Doctor Guiding a Patient
Selective Hearing

Our Hearing Aids

Invisible In Canal


These are a good choice if you have mild to moderate hearing loss. They are custom-fitted and come in a choice of colors. IICs are unique because they’re inserted deep into the ear canal, so depending on your ear shape, they’re often invisible when worn. This is a huge advantage for the style-conscious wearer.

Completely In Canal


Unlike the IICs, these aids are comfortably inserted and extracted from your ear, with the small “handle” peeping out the side. They are custom-made and mostly invisible, as well as coming in a range of colors to match the skin-tone of your inner ear. They’re the perfect choice if you have mild to moderate hearing loss.

In The Canal


ITC hearing aids feature a custom-fit, skin-matching colors, and can be inserted and extracted with ease. Made to look as if they are a part of your natural ear, these aids are the perfect choice if your hearing is diminishing at a steady pace. Suitable for mild to mildly severe hearing losses.

In The Ear


Mildly severe to severe hearing loss patients may find ITE hearing aids beneficial due to their sleek design that fits perfectly to the ear’s outer entrance. They are incredibly comfortable to wear and offer maximum hearing coverage. Available in a variety of colors, they’re custom made and can be matched to your skin tone.

Receiver In Canal


Barely visible when worn, the RIC style is an instrument in which the receiver, or speaker, is inside the ear canal. Thin electrical wires are used instead of a plastic acoustical tube, reducing distortion. RIC hearing aids provide a comfortable, open fit and are perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Behind The Ear


When you think “hearing aid” – the chances are you’re thinking of the BTE design. Usually worn by moderate to severe hearing loss patients, the technology is housed in the casing of these hearing aids, ensuring they rest comfortably behind the ear while the clear plastic acoustical tube sends the amplified sounds into a customized ear-mold that’s fitted inside the canal.

Ear Specialists


With over 20 years of combined experience and a burning passion to deliver the best hearing care in Louisiana – our #1 priority is to ensure that our patients come first. We are driven to providing comprehensive and thorough care to each and everyone of our patients.

We take pride in knowing that from the moment you walk in to the moment you leave that you’ll be met with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. It’s that pride that has made us one of premiere audiology clinics in Acadiana.

Making sure you have the tools and information to make the best decisions is the goal right? That’s why we review your results together with you and discuss every option available so that you can find the solution that best fits your unique circumstances.

You’ll be cared for by licensed Louisiana audiologist, Dr. Ashley B. Thom – giving you complete peace of mind knowing that you’re being cared for by a competent specialist.

Your hearing care journey is then fully taken care of by us as we deliver incredible care and support throughout your journey, being your trusted hearing care partner.

We hope you learned a little about us, now we’d like to learn a little about you!

If you need audiology services but aren’t sure if your insurance will cover it, view our insurance page and we’ll check what you’re eligible for.

Ear Specialists

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