5 signs you may need a hearing test

Although we tend to associate hearing loss with getting older, it can affect people at any age.


Here in the US, exposure to noise is the number one cause of hearing loss1. Look out for these five signs that indicated you may need a hearing test.


Say that again

Do people sound like they are mumbling? And do they sound a bit muffled to you? Do women’s and children’s voices seem especially hard to hear? Do you often have to ask people to repeat what they said? If so, then you may well have some hearing loss and hearing test will help put your mind at rest and protect your future hearing health.


Lost in the crowd

If you have trouble making out what people are saying to you in noisy places, this could be a sign of hearing loss.


Noisy neighbor

You may love Sunday Night Football, but if your neighbors don’t and are complaining about the noise, it could be your lack of hearing that’s to blame rather than their lack of appreciation for this great American sport.


Ring, ring

Ringing in your ears that doesn’t go away is a sign that you have developed tinnitus. The annoying sound in your ear may not be ringing, it might be a swooshing or whistling sound. Get it checked out with a hearing test.


Where have all the birds gone?

The the biggest sign of all is the loss of everyday sounds. Is your phone on silent? Are there still birds in your garden? If there are but you can’t hear them, come and see us for a hearing evaluation.


If you live in Acadiana, Louisiana, you can book a hearing test at either our Layfayette or our Crowley hearing centers.