American Footballers With Hearing Loss

The new year is now here and that means the Super Bowl isn’t far away. As Super Bowl fever starts ramping up, we’re getting super excited here at Selective Hearing. Of course, we’re always interested in any connection to hearing and we thought you might be interested to know about some NFL players who have a hearing loss. These guys certainly haven’t let it stop them from doing what they love best!


NFL players with a hearing loss

Derrick Coleman, current fullback for the Arizona Cardinals and formerly with the Seattle Seahawks, has hearing issues. Coleman has had a hearing loss since the early age of four and he has become a poster boy for sportspeople with disabilities following his success.

Flozell Adams is another name you might recognize. He retired from the game in 2011 after a long career with the Dallas Cowboys and a short stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Adams has a significant hearing loss in his right ear, but that didn’t stop him from being a five-time Pro Bowl selection.

Reed Doughty, former safety for the Washington Redskins, is well-known for promoting hearing loss awareness. As a hearing aid wearer with a family history of hearing loss, Doughty is an advocate of hearing aids.

There are more NFL players with a hearing loss through history than you might think – from Bonnie Sloan, who was drafted in 1973, to Kenny Walker, regular starter for the Broncos in 1991, and Larry Brown of the Washington Redskins.


Looking after your ears in the crowd

Dealing with a hearing loss on the field is one thing, but what about for you as a fan? Watching football can be a noisy occupation and we’d like to give you a few tips on looking after your ears during this tense season.

If you’re going to a live game, ear plugs should be at the top of your list of things to take. Stadiums can be mighty loud places – just to give you an idea of how loud, the current holders of the world’s loudest crowd roar at a sports stadium are the Kansas City Chiefs. Their roar reached a deafening 142.2db. And when we say deafening, we mean it – anything above 85dB can potentially damage your hearing permanently.


Watching the game at home

Even if you’re only watching at home on TV, there is still a risk to your hearing. You’ve got a bunch of friends over, the TV is blaring, and everyone is shouting loudly to be heard over it – it sounds like you’re trying to compete for that loudest crowd fame! Maybe turn down the TV a little so you don’t need to shout as loud to be heard and your ears will thank you for it.

If you’re watching at a friend’s house or a bar and don’t have control of the volume, you can do yourself a favor by taking a short break now and then. A few periods of low noise can make sure you don’t wake up with your ears ringing the next day.


Here to help

So, there’s our advice for looking after your ears during this noisy time. If you’re concerned about your hearing or would like custom hearing protection, book an appointment at Selective Hearing and see our Audiologist in Crowley or Lafayette, Louisiana. Dr. Ashley B. Thom is committed to helping patients look after their ears and will be happy to help. Call us at 337-291-9939 to book an appointment.