December News | A Real Celebration!

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Hey there,

November was amazing!

It has been such a fun past month. With Thanksgiving and my eighth wedding anniversary on Veteran’s Day along with the culmination of football season, it has really been a celebration!

What made our anniversary even more special was that we have now partnered with the VA, and we are a community clinic of choice, so we can provide diagnostic services for hearing, hearing aid fittings, and hearing aid services for our veterans in the community! That’s a really big honor, and we really enjoy serving our veterans.

We also started our Hear For the Holidays competition in November. I’m super excited for all of the submissions that we’ve received from throughout our community for people who are deserving to hear their families for the holidays. Reading through the submissions has been really heartwarming!

It’s such an honor to give back to the community. To hear from you all that you’re enjoying life again because of being able to hear better is one of the best parts of my job!

Stay tuned to learn all about our lucky winner!

And since it’s the season of thanks, I’m also thankful that peppermint mocha coffee is back! That’s my favorite flavor of coffee, and it reminds me of the holidays. I am thankful for the cool weather that we finally have in Louisiana, as it was such a hot summer!

So, from all of us at Selective Hearing and from me, we hope you have the most incredible holiday and enjoy the festive season with friends and family with the gift of hearing. 

Holiday Opening Hours

We will be open on Tuesday, December 24, 10:00 am-2:00 pm and CLOSED on Wednesday, December 25. We will re-open on Thursday, December 26, 10:00 am-2:00 pm.

We will be open Tuesday, December 31, 7:30 am-12:30 pm and CLOSED on Wednesday, January 1.

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BOGO Battery Special!

‘Tis the season to have spare batteries!

Don’t run out of hearing aid batteries this festive season with Selective Hearing. We currently have a buy one get one free offer on each case of batteries that you buy, so don’t miss out!

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Patient Resources

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Gift Ideas For The Hard Of Hearing

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For the festive season, we know that there are particular challenges that you might face. We also know about the solutions that will help. Below we have compiled a list of gift ideas for you to subtly (or not so subtly!) hint at your loved ones about… 

Read more…

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How to Troubleshoot Common Hearing Aid Issues

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Just like with any new piece of equipment, there is an adjustment period. It takes time to feel comfortable wearing your hearing aids and learn how to operate and care for them properly.… 

Read more…

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Our Gift To You

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It’s the season for thanks, so we would like to offer you a gift! Did you know that there are three different types of hearing loss, and treatment can vary depending on what type you have?
Head over to our website and fill in our form for our FREE guide on the three different types of hearing loss.

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Are You A Happy Patient?

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We always love reading your kind words – it completely makes our day! Just take a look at what Christopher has had to say:

“Dr. Ashley Thom is an amazing person who really cares about her patients, regardless of their background or means. She’s a major resource for her community, and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a friend or family member to her.”

– Christopher Scot Frink

Have you had a positive experience with us that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you, and we would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please head over to our Facebook page to leave a review, or head to our website and leave a review here.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.


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And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – I hope it’s been an enjoyable read.

As always, if you have any concerns about your family’s ear health, request a callback by clicking the button below, or book an appointment by calling us at (337) 291-9939.

All the best,
Dr. Ashley B Thom

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Insurance Benefits

Are you unsure as to whether your insurance covers you for hearing care? We partner with all the major insurance companies. We know your time is valuable, and our resources are extensive – that’s why we’d like to help you by checking those benefits on your behalf. 

All we need is the simple information that you can fill out the form on our website, and our friendly team will organize an appointment to test your hearing, and we’ll check your benefits to discover what you’re covered for… 

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