Does my health insurance cover hearing aids?

One of the most common questions we get asked by the residents of Acadiana is whether the cost of hearing aids and hearing health will be covered by your health insurance.

Obviously it will be down to your health insurance company and individual policy, but if you are feeling a little overwhelmed, we’re here to help.

Selective Hearing are partnered with all major insurance providers and are in a very good position to support you when it comes to finding out if you qualify for a hearing aid benefit.

The cost of hearing aids

This varies depending on what features you need, but can add up to a significant investment of money. The best thing to do is work out which features you must have, which features you’d like but can do without and which don’t matter all. You can then find the right hearing aid, maybe even a selection. At Selective Hearing, we know that not everyone’s insurance package will cover the features they need and if yours does not, we can discuss financing plans with you.

Types of cover

There are various types of cover, including:

  • Medicare – typically does not cover hearing aids;
  • Medicaid – most state programs cover partial or complete costs for hearing aids;
  • Veterans’ Administration benefits – access to hearing aids for qualified veterans from VA Healthcare facilities;
  • Private health insurance – you need to check your individual plan.
What’s in your insurance package?

Of course, everyone has different levels of care and you will need to find out is what your personal package includes. The first step would be to check your policy (if you have a copy), or contact your provider directly to ask.

If you simply don’t have the time to dig out your insurance papers and go through them in detail, we can help. Simply fill out the short online form here and we will check your benefits on your behalf.

What to ask your insurance provider?

Does my insurance cover the full or partial cost of hearing aids?

Am I required to use a nominated hearing aid provider?

Do I pay the hearing aid provider and get reimbursed by my insurance, or does my provider bill my insurance company directly?

Can I have any hearing aid I want, or is there a list I have to choose from?

Let us help you

We can help you find out if your health insurance package covers the cost of your new hearing aid. All you need to do is fill out the form here with your personal details, the name of your insurance company, plus your insurance ID number and we can do the rest. Once we have your information, we will call you and invite you in for an appointment to discuss what cover you have.