November News | Filling The Cup

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Hey there,

Wow! October was a busy month!

I had the pleasure of heading to Florida to attend the AudBoss 2019 conference.

Being in a room with 150 other like-minded audiologists, who want the best for their patients and want their clinic to be thriving so that they can provide the best care possible, was so inspiring.

Meeting, connecting, and learning from colleagues who share my love of audiology and passion for better hearing and better listening and understanding, is what really gets me excited!

It sure filled my audiology cup! It really reminded me of why I love my career! It fueled my passion and desire to continue to give my patients more and better-quality service (more on that coming soon!).

I also had a lot of fun working with the Lafayette Consolidated Government and the Lafayette Fire Department.  I learned and shared statistics about fire safety.  This was a new way to serve the deaf and hard of hearing in our community.

It even resulted in an appearance on News15!

Through sharing my expertise on high-frequency hearing loss and how that can potentially cause issues with safety, especially in the event of a fire, I was able to work with Lafayette Consolidated Government and the Lafayette Fire Department to promote the grant that they received from FEMA to provide smoke detectors for the deaf and hard of hearing in our community.

This is not just some regular old smoke detector, though. This has a bed shaker, so if smoke is detected, it will use vibrations to shake the bed to wake you up.  If you are deaf or hard of hearing, you may not hear it. It also has a very loud signal that’s lower-pitched that also flashes so you can have that visual cue also.

As always, caring for great people in our community makes me happy and fills my heart!

That’s why I’ve also launched something special for the month of November.


*Hear For The Holidays*

Nominate Somebody Special to Win a Free Pair of Hearing Aids


With the latest statistics suggesting that 1 in every 8 people have some form of hearing loss; it breaks my heart that thousands of people from within our community are going to be spending Christmas and the holiday season feeling isolated, struggling to engage in conversations, and maybe missing a bunch of special moments.

During the month of November, I’m holding a competition to win a free pair of hearing aids.

All you have to do is nominate yourself, a loved one, or somebody that you believe deserves to win.

[Click Here for Full Information]

This closes at the end of the month and I’ll be announcing the winner at the beginning of December.

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Patient Resources

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Helping Loved Ones with Hearing Loss This Thanksgiving

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Blog Text” _builder_version=”3.27.3″ _i=”1″ _address=”″]Turkey, touchdowns, and thanks. The three Ts of Thanksgiving. But let’s not forget that other one: talking and lots of it. It should be a day to look forward to, but for loved ones with hearing loss, it can be a day to dread…

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Hearing Aid Connectivity Problems After Apple Software Update

[/et_pb_text][et_pb_text admin_label=”Blog Text” _builder_version=”3.27.3″ _i=”1″ _address=”″]If your iPhone and hearing aids are no longer connecting, you are not alone, and it certainly isn’t your hearing aids that are the problem. Find out how to fix the issue…

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Our Gift To You

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It’s almost Thanksgiving, so we would like to offer you a gift! Did you know that there are three different types of hearing loss, and treatment can vary depending on what type you have?
Head over to our website and fill in our form for our FREE guide on the three different types of hearing loss.

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Are You A Happy Patient?

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Have you had a positive experience with us that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you, and we would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please head over to our Facebook page to leave a review, or head to our website and leave a review here.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – I hope it’s been an enjoyable read.

As always, if you have any concerns about your family’s ear health, request a callback by clicking the button below, or book an appointment by calling us at (337) 291-9939.

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All the best,
Dr. Ashley B Thom