Hearing Aid Connectivity Problems After Apple iOS 13 Software Update

After receiving calls from our patients concerned that their hearing aids were no longer connecting to their iPhones and iPads and thinking the problem was with their ReSound hearing aid product we wanted to reassure our patients and readers that the issue thankfully is not with your hearing aid but with a software update released by Apple recently.

Apple launched its newest software update iOS 13 in September 2019 and as Apple products are set to update automatically this software was downloaded onto devices with users blissfully unaware of the problems that would come with it as automatic downloads are usually a good thing and problem-free.

iOS 13, on the other hand, is proving to be incredibly buggy and Apple forums and Twitter have been inundated with complaints from angry users unable to connect their technology to their Apple device via Bluetooth. This is because Apple is now requiring new Bluetooth permissions meaning that not only do you now have to ensure your Bluetooth is turned on but you also have to individually give permission to each app you will be using that requires Bluetooth to function.

Complaints ranged from users being unable to connect their car stereo to not being able to use their wireless headphones anymore, but most concerning for us, is the reporting of people not being able to connect their iPhones & tablets properly with their hearing aids.

While we have received calls from our patients who were concerned their hearing aid is no longer functioning we want to assure you that this isn’t the case and that the problem has stemmed from the latest iOS 13 update on your Apple product. If your iPhone and hearing aids are no longer connecting as they used to, please be rest assured you are not the only one and it certainly isn’t your hearing aids that are the problem. The bugs in the latest software download are causing interference with the connection and functionality for many hearing aid users.

We want to share with you some simple steps you can take to overcome this issue. Please click here to access instructions to help you navigate the most commonly reported problems to get your hearing aids and Apple device reconnected and fully functioning together again.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any trouble you might have been having. Hopefully, the link above will provide a quick and easy fix for you, but if you do experience any further issues please do call ReSounds hotline at 888-735-4237. Thanks to this latest software update they are a little busier than usual so you may wish to email them instead at consumerhelp@gnresound.com