How Hearing Technology is Advancing

Technology has changed the world that we live in.

Whether it’s how we find new information through the internet, how we can communicate with people all over the world seamlessly or the advances in medicine and healthcare that are saving lives.

Having been an audiologist since 2011, I’ve seen unbelievable advances in hearing technology and we’re in one of the most exciting periods of technological advancements that the industry has ever seen.

Modern hearing aids are more like tiny computers than simple hearing devices.

Gone are the bulky, conspicuous devices of yesteryear, with their thick tubes and heavy boxes behind the ear. Hearing aids can now be very small. In fact, some of them are quite literally invisible to the human eye as they sit in the ear canal. Others sit neatly just inside the ear, barely detectable. Even over-the-ear options have sleek designs and can either colour match your skin tone exactly or resemble more of a hands-free cell phone device, depending on which you would prefer.

Modern hearing aids now also feature Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, which means you can easily sync with your smartphone, desktop, tablet, mp3 player and even your TV seamlessly. In some models, there is not even any need to adjust.

To achieve such advances, research and development costs within the industry are high, and they’re producing life-changing technology that are delighting patients and majorly benefiting their hearing health.

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