How Treating Hearing Loss Can Improve Relationships

Getting your hearing loss treated comes with so many benefits, we couldn’t possibly cover them all here. You’ll be able to watch the latest blockbuster at the movie theater, instead of sticking to anything with subtitles. You’ll be able to take in all the sounds of the stadium and have a conversation with your friends the next time you go to see the Ragin’ Cajuns in action. You’ll be able to get through a day at work without missing a beat at those office meetings or water cooler chats. But did you know that your personal relationships will also improve?

Relationships are based on mutual trust and understanding, shared interests, and everyday displays of affection and appreciation. They are a big part of what makes life so great. So how could your hearing loss mess up any of that? Quite easily, it turns out. And there is research to back that up.

In a 2017 study, British researchers found that partners of older individuals with a hearing loss experienced a significant decline in their quality of life. It’s easy to see why, just think about these scenarios:


Answering the phone

When someone has a hearing loss, they may no longer hear the phone ring. Their wife or husband is left to pick up the slack and answer all the calls that come in; dealing with whoever is on the other end of the line is suddenly completely their responsibility.


Watching TV

Cranking up the volume on the TV to compensate for a hearing loss may make it easier for the person with reduced hearing ability to enjoy a show, but it can be painfully loud for anyone else in the family to watch. And so there goes evenings together enjoying that show you both love so much.


Socializing with friends and family

Hearing loss is notorious for making people feel isolated, alone, and even depressed. When you can’t follow conversations, social events can become stressful. So when those invites come in, someone with a hearing loss is more likely to turn them down, leaving both themselves and their loved one increasingly cut off from friends and family. As time goes on, the joy of socializing together can become a rare occurrence and resentment can grow.


Everyday conversations

For anyone with a hearing loss, even keeping up with those seemingly insignificant little chats at home can become stressful as they strain to hear what’s being said. Whether it’s an update about the kids or a few affectionate words or friendly jokes, a hearing loss can get in the way of these small but meaningful moments and that puts a strain on a relationship.

Hearing loss gradually chips away at what keeps us connected with our loved ones. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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