Gift Ideas For The Hard Of Hearing

At Selective Hearing, the way that you experience life with hearing difficulties is important to us. We want you to have a positive time adapting to any needs you might have. For the festive season, we know that there are particular challenges that you might face. We also know about the solutions that will help. Below we have compiled a list of gift ideas for you to subtly (or not so subtly!) hint at your loved ones about.


ReSound Multi Mic

The buzz of conversation around the dinner table is one of the comforting sounds of the holiday season. However, multiple voices can be confusing for hearing aids and they often need a bit of technical support to help you distinguish particular sounds. This is where something like the ReSound Multi Mic comes in. It supports and enhances your hearing experience so you can join the conversation with ease.


ReSound TV Streamer 2

One of the exciting aspects of the holiday season is the blockbuster movies. These give families and friends a chance to sit together and create traditions around some entertaining fun. All of this is compromised if you cannot hear what is going on properly. Fortunately, there are devices like the ReSound TV Streamer which link up directly with hearing aids to create a crystal-clear experience.


ReSound Phone Clip

Not all families are able to be together during the festive season. This means that the phone becomes the key way to keep in touch and send well wishes for the season. A ReSound phone clip streams audio straight from a phone as well as canceling out background noise. This eliminates the frustration that you can experience when trying to communicate that can lead to you passing on the call altogether. This thoughtful gift can help you stay connected this season.



Many hearing aids are supported by handy apps. Given the relationship that many people have with their phones, this is one way your loved ones can help you fully integrate your hearing device into your life.

Let your loved ones know whether your cell phone is Android or Apple. They can then check with the appropriate provider to find out how to gift an app this festive season.

The suite of ReSound apps helps people to fine tune their hearing experience on the go and can support people who suffer from tinnitus.

When you visit Selective Hearing, we can offer guidance on hearing aid accessories to help enhance your life. Call us on 337-291-9939 to make an appointment today.

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