Surviving the Holidays with a Hearing Loss

Holidays like the 4th of July are always a wonderful time to get together with friends and family to celebrate. But for anyone suffering from a hearing loss, it can be a totally different experience. With lots of shouting, music, and firecrackers, it can become very stressful, tiring, and overwhelming.

Here at Selective Hearing, I work very closely with my patients to ensure they’re prepared for all situations. In the first instance, we spend time carefully programming any hearing device to closely match the exact level of hearing loss. This makes sure you’re prepared for every eventuality and level of background noise.

One of my dear patients, Jerry, recently celebrated the 4th of July with his brand new ReSound GN hearing aids. He was very pleased with the clarity they provide and how wearer friendly her new devices are. Jerry had nothing but good things to say about his experience with us:

“My 4th of July this year was much better than any previous due to the new ReSound GN hearing aids. I’ve used ReSound for several years, but this last year upgraded to the new model. What a difference! My hearing is more succinct and it’s much easier to adjust the noise levels. This especially came in handy when listening to fireworks and not wanting to have that piercing sound I had with my older devices. A quick swipe of the App and I was able to adjust to a more comfortable level.”

“Another plus is that these are rechargeable. Both not having to hassle with batteries and having the hearing aids less impervious to moisture have been positive factors.”

“These reasons, plus the always friendly and capable people, be it the receptionist or Dr. Ashley herself, are why I continue to use and support Selective Hearing.”

With approximately 15% of American adults (37.5 million) aged 18 and over reporting some trouble with their hearing, there is never a better time than now to get your hearing tested. Hearing aid technology has advanced rapidly over the past 30 years and helps people to reconnect with the world. This means not missing out on family celebrations, fun activities, and even your favorite holidays … just like Jerry.

So if you struggled this 4th of July with your hearing, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with me at Selective Hearing. I’ll assess your hearing and get it back on track so you can enjoy life to the fullest. Call us today at 337-291-9939 to get started on your new hearing journey.