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  • Dr. Thom and her staff provide outstanding service and made me feel at ease while getting my custom molded hearing protection for hunting and shooting at the range! 2 thumbs up would go again!

    Patrick Painter Avatar
    Patrick Painter
  • I am an Audiologist in Texas and when my best friend called to ask for a local recommendation in Lafayette for her grandmother I did not hesitate to recommend Dr. Thom.
    Dr. Thom has many years of experience and practices hearing aid “Best Practices” including Real Ear Measurements.
    My friends grandmother was elated that she was able to be seen in Crowley and their family is so grateful for the work that Dr. Thom has done for them.
    She is smart, kind, and professional and you will be in excellent hands in her practice.
    Dr. Kelly Pack, AuD

    Kelly Pack Avatar
    Kelly Pack
  • I’ve been coming here for years now and I’m amazed every single time. The customer service, the attitudes, the knowledge, I can literally sit here and list the wonderful things about Selective Hearing and their staff. If it’s your first time ever experiencing this type of service, you will walk away with so much knowledge that you will feel like you work here. If you’re experienced and you just want a change in everything from your previous Audiologist this is the place to come. You won’t regret it from the moment you walk into the door.

    Victor Fields-Meaux Avatar
    Victor Fields-Meaux
  • Dr. Ashley Thom is an amazing person who really cares about her patients, regardless of their background or means. She's a major resource for her community, and I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend or family member to her.

    Christopher Scot Frink Avatar
    Christopher Scot Frink
  • Had a great experience! The staff members were so patient and thorough. They made the examination a breeze. Would definitely return again if needed!

    bdowden23 Avatar