Meet Larry, our ‘Hear for the Holidays’ Winner

In November, we run our ‘Hear for the Holidays’ competition.

This was our way of giving back to our community and ensuring that nobody has to needlessly live with hearing loss throughout the holiday season.

We asked you to nominate somebody that deserves to win a pair of premium hearing aids as well as our advanced audiological level of service.

You did not disappoint with 24 people nominated.

But after much debate, we finally chose a winner and that was Larry Mayard, who was nominated by his wife, Jan.

Her nomination read:

“Sometimes he has difficulties understanding grandkids or wife and ringing in the ears all the time.

Larry is one of the best grandfathers you can ask for. He also loves taking them camping and showing them all about life’s pleasures in the outdoors.

Please give Larry the chance to experience this without his hearing lost and ringing in ears before it drives him crazy.

Thanks for a chance to win.”

It really pulled on our heartstrings.

We made the emotional phone call to share the good news and both Larry and Jan came to our offices to collect their prize.

Larry’s hearing was compressively tested and he was gifted my favorite premium hearing aids, the ReSound LinX Quattro.

It means that Larry can now be himself once again and enjoy the special moments with his grandkids and wife.

Not only does Larry’s life improve, but it means that his grandkids can enjoy more special moments with their grandfather.

If you didn’t win, then we’ll be announcing the runner-up in January.