October News | A whole month?!

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Hey there,

Dr. Ashley B. Thom, back again with another edition of the Selective Hearing newsletter.

October is an exciting month in the audiological world. While many people are out dreaming of pumpkins and scary costumes (which is also great fun!), we are all celebrating National Audiology Awareness Month (NAAM)! 

Since it was started in 2009 by the American Academy of Audiology, October has been the month dedicated to increasing awareness about hearing health and the importance of hearing protection.

In honor of this great month, we have some exciting resources for you to read through. If you head over to our social media pages, you can help us out by sharing the great content we have coming up. Join in and spread awareness for better hearing health far and wide! We would really appreciate your help in making this happen.

For now, we have some interesting resources, some fun facts, and health tips to keep you going.

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Patient Resources

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Audiologist or Hearing Instrument Specialist?

When you discover that there is something wrong with your hearing, it can be confusing to decide who to go to for help. We explain the differences between an audiologists and a hearing instrument specialists…
Read more…

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What are the Benefits of Wearing Hearing Aids?

It’s natural to feel nervous or apprehensive about the prospect of wearing hearing aids, but there is no doubt that with the right help and correct fitting, hearing aids can seriously improve the quality of your life…
Read more…

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Time For Our October

Hearing Health Tip

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Most of us have felt the detrimental effects of stress on our bodies at some point in our lives, but stress can also harm our hearing. Too much stress can bring on temporary hearing loss and even bouts of tinnitus.

If you’re having a hard time at work or life seems a bit full-on, make some time for yourself and unwind. Some meditation, a hot bubble bath, or a good book are all great ways to relax and will have a positive effect on not just your hearing but also your whole body!

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It’s #FunFact Time

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Deep in the forests of Brazil, there lives a tiny frog called a Pumpkin Toadlet. They are so small that they are roughly the size of the tip of an adult’s finger!

These small amphibians don’t have ears in the traditional sense but instead have a special disk behind their eyes that picks up various vibrations. Because of this and because their call is so soft, pumpkin toadlets are entirely deaf to the sound of their own calls!

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Our Gift To You

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Did you know that there are three different types of hearing loss, and treatment can vary depending on what type you have? Head over to our website and fill in our form for our FREE guide on the three different types of hearing loss.

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Are You A Happy Patient?

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Have you had a positive experience with us that you would like to share? We would love to hear from you, and we would appreciate your help in spreading the word. Please head over to our Facebook page to leave a review, or head to our website and leave a review here.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

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And that’s a wrap!

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – I hope it’s been an enjoyable read.

As always, if you have any concerns about your family’s ear health, request a callback by clicking the button below, or book an appointment by calling us at (337) 291-9939.

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All the best,
Dr. Ashley B Thom