Our Top Pick Hearing Aid Accessories To Enhance Your Life

August is Technology Celebration Month, and here at Selective Hearing, we are taking a moment to celebrate the amazing, ever-evolving technology that is featured within our range of hearing aids.

Our top technology picks
TV streamers

No more arguing over TV volume. Wirelessly receive high clarity TV audio directly to your hearing aids while your friends or family hear the TV at the volume level that is comfortable for them. Peace at last when it comes to the remote control. 

Multi Mic

Some people have trouble hearing most in a one-to-one setting. Others struggle within a social group, or at busy, loud events. This nifty tool has a setting to help you hear clearly filtered sound no matter where you are.

Hearing aid remote controls

Change or balance the volume and control the settings of your hearing aids at the touch of handy, easy–to–use and wireless buttons on your remote control.

Assistive listening devices

There are a range of devices available that are designed to help the user with specific tasks, whether or not you are wearing your hearing aid. From amplified telephones to extra-loud alerting devices for potential household problems, including doorbells and oven timers, assistive listening devices make your life that bit easier.


A telecoil, better known as a T-coil, is a tiny wire located inside some hearing aids. This acts as an antenna, sending a clear signal directly to your hearing aid. This means you will be able to hear, crystal clear, without the irritation of background noise.

Loop systems

T-coils work in conjunction with loop systems. You’ll often find these systems in places with one speaker, like church, in a theater, at a school, or in training workshops. They contain a mic that picks up what you need to hear and sends it directly into your hearing aid. No more being distracted by that little girl crackling candy wrappers or the guy in front who insists on talking to his friend while you’re trying to listen to a speaker. You will be able to hear clearly, regardless.

Need something specifically for phone calls?

iPhones offer hearing aid connectivity too. Pair your hearing aid to your iPhone or iPad to hear audio more clearly. iPhones also offer settings for subtitles, mono and stereo, and lots of other helpful features.

CaptionCall is a free, secure, and safe captioning service with a live captioning agent. Simply use a CaptionCall phone to dial or answer calls at any time to see your caller’s words almost instantly on an easy–to–read screen.

Here at Selective Hearing, we are proud to stock a wide range of forward-facing hearing aid accessories. We have 20 years’ combined experience and are able to give you information on the best possible accessories, so you can take advantage of technology and make your life that bit easier. Give us a call to see what we can do for you.