Tips to prevent noise-induced hearing loss

It’s National Audiology Awareness Month and here at Selective Hearing, we would like to share our knowledge with you to keep you and your family in the best hearing health possible.

Did you know that the human ear contains 20,000 tiny little cells, all of which make some contribution to how we hear, whether that is frequency, tone, or volume.  If these cells are exposed to noises that are above safe levels, which is 85 decibels, for a long period of time, they will eventually die and cause hearing loss. The higher the decibels, the quicker the damage occurs.

We have some good news. This type of hearing is actually preventable – hurray! So what can you do for yourself and your family to prevent this noise-induced hearing loss?


Don’t always trust the device

There are no regulations at all that regulate the maximum possible volume on audio devices to safe listening levels. Apple devices often go to 105 decibels, way above the recommended 85.  It only takes 15 short minutes before your ears start to become damaged at this volume.


But sometimes, do trust the device

Most smartphones now have a decibel reader app, allowing you to know when the noise around you is at unsafe levels. Not sure about certain machinery at work? Or how loud that concert is? Double check, and if it’s above, simply move further away to reduce its effect.


Protect those precious ears

Your hearing keeps you alert and connected to the world around you. It is worth protecting for as long as you can. If you have no choice but to be around something loud, give your ears a chance by wearing ear defenders or earplugs. Why not buy a particularly colorful pair for your kids to make it fun, or bring an extra set of earplugs for your colleagues if you work somewhere that is noisy?

If you would like to see just how good your hearing currently is, book a hearing screening here at Selective Hearing. Our friendly and experienced Audiologists will guide you through everything you need to know.