We often have our teeth checked, our eyes checked and our blood-pressure tested, but when was the last time you had a hearing test?

The first signs of hearing loss can be very gradual and often go unnoticed, or we choose to ignore them. You may find yourself struggling to hear the TV or straining to hear conversations in noisy environments, and asking people to repeat themselves is becoming frustrating. And most often, it’s our friends and loved ones that notice before we do.

Your hearing may be suffering, but if you haven’t had a routine hearing test, you probably have nothing to benchmark. The more you put it off, the worse it becomes over time.

That’s why it’s recommended to have a routine hearing test, especially if you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above. That way, your audiologist can better understand how much it has changed and make sure you receive the right treatment.

Alarmingly, millions of American’s both young and old are suffering from some form of hearing loss, so you’re not alone. It’s fair to say that there’s a crisis in the United States. Yet the latest report from the NIDCD approximates that 28.8 million adults in the United States could benefit from wearing hearing aids, but, less than 1 in 3 has ever used them.

At Selective Hearing, we’ve helped hundreds Acadiana residents to assess their hearing and get the treatment they need on their journey to better hearing.

If you have a concern about your hearing that has brought you here today, and would like to ask a trained audiologist for some non-obligatory advice, we’d be happy to help. Simply complete the form to request a callback, and one of our hearing specialists will be in touch.

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Introducing Dr. Thom, Your Local Hearing Care Expert.

Dr. Ashley B. Thom


Dr. Ashley B. Thom

Dr. Ashley B. Thom, AuD-F-AAA, CCC-A, grew up in Abbeville, Louisiana. As a junior at LSU in a Speech Pathology class, she realized a love for speech, language, and hearing, as it relates to our sense of self. After completing a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Disorders, that love persisted, and Dr. Thom graduated in 2011 with a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from Louisiana Tech University.

Since joining Selective Hearing in 2011, Dr. Thom continues to make sounds and language more accessible to the hearing impaired and takes pleasure in learning about each patient’s unique hearing and communication needs.

When not in the office, Dr. Thom spends active family time with her husband and local nieces and nephews. She is a member of the Junior League of Lafayette where she regularly volunteers with a focus on making a better community for women and children.

Dr. Thom is an active member of the Louisiana Academy of Audiology, and has been serving as a board member for two years, and was the 2016-17 President of LAA.

The different styles of hearing aids

Invisible-In-Canal (IIC) – the tiny and often invisible hearing aids

These are ideal if you suffer from mild to moderate hearing loss as they are custom-fitted as well as coming in a choice of colors. They’re unique as they’re inserted deeper into the ear canal, so depending on your ear, they’re often invisible when worn, which is a huge plus for the style-conscious wearer.

Completely-In-Canal (CIC) – Mostly invisible (unless you look closely)

Unlike the IICs, these aids are comfortably inserted and extracted from your ear, with the small “handle” peeping out the side. They are custom-made and mostly invisible, as well as coming in a range of colors to match the skin-tone of your inner ear. They’re the perfect choice if you have mild to moderate hearing loss.

In-The-Canal (ITC) – Discreet but can be seen

If you have mild to mildly severe hearing loss, then you will benefit from these ITC hearing aids because of their custom-fit, skin-match design, and simplicity to insert and extract. Easily disguised as part of your natural ear, these aids are the perfect option if your hearing is diminishing at a steady pace.

In-The-Ear (ITE) – Custom fitted hearing aids that fit within the outer portion of the ear

Mildly severe to severe hearing loss patients can benefit from choosing the ITE hearing aids, as these provide maximum hearing coverage and comfort, due to their sleek design that fits perfectly to the outer entrance of your ear. Coming in a range of colors, they’re custom made and can be matched to your skin tone.

Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) – Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for many first-time hearing aid wearers

Barely visible when worn, the RIC style is an instrument in which the receiver, or speaker, is inside the ear canal. Thin electrical wires are used instead of a plastic acoustical tube, reducing distortion. RIC hearing aids provide a comfortable, open-fit and are perfect for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Behind-The-Ear (BTE) – The most common style of hearing aid

When you think “hearing aid” – the chances are you’re thinking of the BTE design. Usually worn by moderate to severe hearing loss patients, the technology is housed in the casing of these hearing aids, ensuring they rest comfortably behind the ear while the clear plastic acoustical tube sends the amplified sounds into a customized earmold that’s fitted inside the canal. Available in many different colors, they come with easy to use buttons and are highly discreet.

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  • bad experience. doctor was impatient with my 10 year old child, and kept getting an attitude with her. prices are outrageous, looking for a different facility next time

    franklin thibodeaux Avatar
    franklin thibodeaux
  • Kaleigh Cooper Browning Avatar
    Kaleigh Cooper Browning
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    Rachel Stich Vincent
  • My kids love Dr. Thom! She is kind and patient. She is the best!

    Britt Boynton Avatar
    Britt Boynton
  • Dr. Ashley Thom is an amazing person who really cares about her patients, regardless of their background or means. She's a major resource for her community, and I wouldn't hesitate to refer a friend or family member to her.

    Christopher Frink Avatar
    Christopher Frink


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