4 Simple Steps To Reduce The Risk Of Falls In The Elderly

September is National Falls Prevention Month. Did you know that falls have reached epidemic status in America? Falls are the reason for 40% of all nursing home admissions across the country, causing injuries that reduce independence to the point that professional help is needed.  Even worse, falls are actually the number one leading cause of death due to injury if you are aged over 65. Scary, huh?

Benjamin Franklin famously said “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, and his words remain just as relevant today. Here at Selective Hearing, we would like to use our expert knowledge to help you and your close ones reduce your risk of falling and prevent the associated dangers.

Work that core

Undertaking regular, gentle exercise that utilizes your core, such as yoga or pilates, is a great way to reduce your chances of falling, by improving your natural posture and balance. Why not find a local class in your community, or even follow an online class from the comfort of your living room?

Tidy up

It sounds simple, but keeping your house free of clutter can really make a difference when it comes to falls. Do you really need that box to be by your bedroom door? Keeping things clean and clear can be much more important to your health than you ever thought.

Light it up

 We have all taken a misstep in our own houses at night time when we haven’t switched the lights on. Make sure potentially hazardous areas like your staircase, front door area and kitchen are well lit, and that switches are easy to reach. Adding a few more lights in darker areas of your home is a great idea.

Get your hearing checked

Finally, but probably most importantly, if you feel you are having trouble with dizziness or imbalance, the first place you should investigate is your ears. Most of these problems can be traced back to an issue with your inner ear, your body’s control centre for balance. The experts here at Selective Hearing will be able to conduct a thorough examination of your ears using innovative technology, and will offer extensive advice to solve any problems they might find. You may find your dizziness could be simply rectified by fitting a hearing aid.

Give our friendly team a call if you are experiencing any hearing or dizziness issues and reduce your chances of having a fall.