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Your hearing just isn’t what it used to be. It’s much harder to hear the doorbell, people talking on the phone and let’s face it, understanding what people are saying at a busy restaurant is a total nightmare. So, you decide to face the problem head-on and take the next step by booking a hearing screening.

Well done you! You now know that hearing aids are the answer to all of your hearing problems, but do you find yourself completely baffled by all the options out there?  We don’t blame you. There are so many things to consider, but we are here to help you pick the best choice for you.

August is Technology Celebration Month, and hearing aids are certainly a piece of technology that has come on leaps and bounds in the last decade. You may be surprised by the size and shape, the features that are now available, and how easy they have become to use. But where do you start?

We think your lifestyle is a great place to start when making your decision about which hearing aid to choose. Of course, we are all individuals and to try and fit everyone into three boxes just won’t work. But then this blog would be a whole lot longer. For the purposes of space, let’s take a look at three broad categories:

1. Busy: you live life to the max! You’re always out socialising, doing sports, taking part in all that life offers. Being able to hear in these challenging situations is key for you. Look for a water-resistant model that adjusts automatically to new situations.

2. Moderate: you like the best of both worlds and appreciate a quiet day reading the paper just as much as a raucous evening at a restaurant with friends.

Being able to swap between the two without fiddling is key for you. We have models that come with Bluetooth and wireless technology to seamlessly connect you to devices all around your home, work and social environments.

3. Quiet: there is nothing you enjoy more than being at home, relaxing in peace. Hearing people clearly one-to-one is important for you. As your requirements are simple, some of our lower-budget, basic models may be suitable for you.

Or maybe you’re a mix of all three. Whatever you need, we guarantee we will have a wide range of options to suit you. Give our friendly team at Selective Hearing a call or email to discuss what we have on offer.

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Ashley Thom

Ashley Thom

An Abbeville, Louisiana native, Dr. Thom realized her love for speech, language, and hearing while taking a speech pathology class in her junior year at LSU. After completing a bachelor of arts in communications disorders, that love persisted, and Dr. Thom graduated in 2011 with a clinical doctorate in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Thom continues to make sounds and language more accessible to her patients and likes to learn about their unique hearing and communication needs. An active member of the Louisiana Academy of Audiology, she has been serving as a board member for two years and was the 2016-17 president of LAA.