What is an Audiologist and What Can They Help With?

Most people often disregard their hearing health and take it for granted in comparison to their general health. But why is this fundamental function being dismissed? Our hearing is so important, as it contributes to both our mental and physical wellness. Neglecting hearing issues, especially later on in life, can create physical and mental challenges if left untreated. If you were to have an issue with your teeth, you would visit a dentist. So, why should it be any different if you have a problem with your hearing? This is where the help of an audiologist comes into play.

Audiologists, just like dentists, have years of academic training to build up their extensive knowledge and qualifications. Which means they have the highest level of expertise in their field to help diagnose and treat any hearing issues you may be experiencing.

How can an audiologist help me?

Not only do Audiologists help diagnose hearing health issues, they also provide treatment, aftercare, and other services relating to hearing health, including:

  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing aids
  • Rehabilitation
  • Advice on hearing loss prevention
  • Balance assessments

All of these services tie in together to provide a well-rounded hearing health care package to ensure you get the best treatment available. Balance disorders can also be assessed and treated by an audiologist as these issues typically originate in the ears.

Receive quality expertise

When it comes to your hearing, you should aim for only the best care. After all, your hearing is a precious function that can sometimes be taken for granted, until it’s too late. That’s why seeing an audiologist is your best bet for quality care. They use the best medical equipment to test and treat your hearing and, likewise, have extensive knowledge in hearing technology to help you choose what works for you. Although a hearing aid dispenser can fit you with hearing aids, they don’t have the same level of expertise as an audiologist, who aims to treat the cause, not just the symptoms. 

Get the best care

Unlike when you get seen for your general health, Audiologists can get to the bottom of your hearing issues without second guessing and referring you to another department until the problem is solved. If you want to get your hearing seen to in a professional and hassle-free way, then an audiologist can help. Audiologists treat each person as an individual and make your hearing health their top priority.

Protection and prevention

Not only do audiologists provide excellent hearing care in the clinic, but they make sure that this care can be continued once you leave. By giving you knowledgeable tips and advice on how to best protect your hearing from possible further damage, which could mean taking extra care while in noisy environments, or simply adjusting your hearing aid for better protection, a professional audiologist can ensure your hearing will be protected, and given the right attention and aftercare.

Getting help

If you’re concerned about your hearing health and want to see how an audiologist can help, then simply click here to book an appointment today.