What To Expect When Booking Your First Hearing Evaluation

Are you still working up the courage to book your first hearing evaluation? It’s a big step, facing the reality that you may have hearing loss and getting an official diagnosis. But it’s a step in the right direction, a step towards better hearing health. That’s why at Selective Hearing we want you to feel at ease from the moment you give us a call right through to walking out the door with your hearing aids fitted. A good start is knowing exactly what to expect at your first hearing evaluation.

It all starts with a phone call

Request a call back via our website or call us directly on 337-291-9939 and you’ll talk to a real person, either Kegan Courville or Dr. Ashley Thom. We’ll have a chat with you about your situation and what you’re looking for. Then we’ll book you in for your appointment at a time that works for you.

Walk through the door

When you arrive for your appointment you’ll meet Dr. Ashley Thom, who will tell you a bit about herself and make sure you feel comfortable. Sitting down for a chat, we’ll discuss the challenges you are facing with your hearing and what important things you want to be able to hear clearly again.

The test

Next comes the hearing test. It isn’t painful and starts with an examination of your ears to check there are no blockages, such as earwax. Then you put on some headphones and we’ll play different sounds through them. Whenever you hear them, you press a button or raise your hand. Finally, we repeat this but play words instead.

The results of your test come in the form of a graph called an audiogram. We’ll talk through exactly what it all means for your hearing day-to-day and how we can help improve your hearing. If hearing aids are the way to go for you, we’ll give you a demonstration in the office. Bring along a loved one and you’ll get the chance to hear what they really sound like.

Going forward

With a clear picture of what kind of hearing loss you have and how bad it is, we can talk about what you really need and want. We can go through the different hearing aids available and the different hearing health packages we offer. Whichever you choose you can be certain that we’ll be there every step of the way, with follow-up appointments to see how things are going with you.

At Selective Hearing, we always have time to listen to your concerns and needs. So get in touch today to book your first hearing evaluation and look forward to better hearing tomorrow.