Ahh … February. The month that’s all about “love” and “giving.”

We couldn’t bear to miss out on all the special vibes. So, we decided to share the love by publishing some of the warm and thoughtful words our patients had to say about us. 

Facebook was our go-to location, and for the first half of the month leading up to Valentine’s Day, we shared with the world some incredible and heartwarming patient stories, reviews, and testimonials.

Two things are achieved by doing so.  For those who are deciding on a hearing healthcare provider, it gives them a good insight when selecting the one they’ll feel the most comfortable with.

And for those who feel a bit nervous or unsure about seeing an audiologist? Well, it inspires them and boosts their confidence to take their first step towards better hearing.

Here are the 14 patient stories that we shared.

Would you like to see yours published in 2021?

Because we received so many positive comments, “14 Days of Love” will return next year.

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Ashley Thom

An Abbeville, Louisiana native, Dr. Thom realized her love for speech, language, and hearing while taking a speech pathology class in her junior year at LSU. After completing a bachelor of arts in communications disorders, that love persisted, and Dr. Thom graduated in 2011 with a clinical doctorate in audiology from Louisiana Tech University. Dr. Thom continues to make sounds and language more accessible to her patients and likes to learn about their unique hearing and communication needs. An active member of the Louisiana Academy of Audiology, she has been serving as a board member for two years and was the 2016-17 president of LAA.