Free Smoke Alarms for Lafayette Residents

Here at Selective Hearing, we want to make sure our patients get the best care and receive the highest quality of service, which is why we are delighted to share this good news with you. The Lafayette Fire Department (LFD) have announced that they are offering free smoke alarm systems specially designed to alert the deaf and hard of hearing residents of Lafayette in the case of a fire.

With the help of FEMA’S Fire Prevention and Safety Grant, the LFD will be distributing these special alarm systems as well as providing safety information for anyone eligible as a deaf or hard of hearing resident in the city.

Traditional smoke detectors use sound to alert people when danger has been detected, but these special devices use light, sound and movement to alert residents who would not otherwise hear an alarm.

We are especially excited about this program as we believe it could be potentially lifesaving to our wonderful patients and members of the deaf and hard of hearing community in Lafayette. The devices installed for those eligible will provide safety and assurance for homeowners as danger will be detected in it’s earliest stage.

The only thing you have to do to get involved is check that you are eligible for the program and to do this you must be a City of Lafayette resident with documented proof of being deaf or hard of hearing.

The program is for Lafayette residents only, but if you currently reside outside of the city and are interested in a device, you can fill out an application form which will be submitted to Red Cross who distribute devices outside of the City of Lafayette.

Just follow the steps below to complete your application for a free smoke alarm.

  1. Complete an application form—print application or online
  2. Provide documentation that proves one is deaf or hard of hearing (Proof may include a letter from a doctor, therapist, case manager or other medical provider, or a copy of driver’s license with noted restrictions.)
  3.  Return the application to Lafayette Fire Prevention Division

Distribution of the smoke alarm systems begins in January and will continue as long as supplies and funding is available.

For more information, please contact:

Fire Prevention Division
2100 Jefferson St., Bldg. B
Lafayette, LA 70501
Phone (337)291-8704
Fax (337) 291-5531